It seems that the agreement between the unions and CaixaBank on the employment regulation file (ERE) that both parties are trying to reach will remain until the last day, June 29, despite the fact that BBVA has already reached an agreement with its employees also to put launch your ERE. CaixaBank yesterday held a new meeting with the unions in which it proposed an increase in the compensation that employees who leave the company would receive.

This last proposal increases the compensation provided for all groups and contemplates a new compensation scheme for employees between 56 and 63 years old, who will be able to choose between a higher salary base or a greater contribution to the pension plan, according to sources from the entity to this newspaper. The CaixaBank management also agrees to take early retirement to its employees from the age of 54.

Despite this new offer, the unions continue to consider the proposal insufficient due to working conditions, compensation and the new business model proposed by the bank, union sources say. The unions, in fact, have called a strike at CaixaBank for June 22.

CaixaBank currently maintains the number of contract terminations provided for in the ERE at 7,400 and the relocation of workers in subsidiaries at 686, as well as the maximum limit of employees over 52 years of age who can be assigned to the contract termination plan, which follows fixed at 60%.

In the case of workers aged 56 to 63 who take advantage of the ERE, the company raises the percentage of compensation to 56% and offers them the possibility of choosing between two compensation options.

Thus, they will be able to choose between receiving a monthly income corresponding to 56% of the fixed salary, maintaining 60% of the savings contributions to the pension plan, or receiving an income of 56% of the salary, including both fixed and variable remuneration for the year 2021, with a ceiling of 10,000 euros, and without savings contributions from the entity to the pension plan. The unions demand a compensation of 61% for the employees of the older group who want to join the ERE, without discount for unemployment and with contribution to the pension plan.

In either of the two options, they point out from CaixaBank, the agreement with Social Security would also be paid until the employee reaches 63 years of age.

For their part, workers aged 54 and 55 would receive, until reaching 61 or 62 years of age, a monthly income corresponding to 54% of their fixed salary, as well as 60% of the savings contributions to the pension plan. The payment of the special agreement with Social Security would also be maintained until the age of 63. This system is like early retirement, as offered in BBVA from 50 years of age and in Santander from 53 years of age.

CaixaBank, on the other hand, raises the compensation of workers aged 52 and 53 to a single payment of 52% of the fixed salary multiplied by 6, and for those under 52 years of age it provides seniority bonuses of between 1,000 and 5,000 euros, in depending on whether they have been with the entity for more than ten years. For those under 52 years of age, compensation is maintained for the 35 days per year of the previous offer, with a limit of 24 monthly payments.

Other keys

Forecast agreement. The unions hope to reach an agreement with CaixaBank at the end of the closing of the negotiation process, which will take place on June 29. Initially this period expired at the beginning of the month, but both parties agreed to extend it. The CEO, Gonzalo Gortázar, has already commented on more than one occasion that the bank hopes to reach an agreement with the unions. But for now the unions are planning to re-convene mobilizations.

High cost. The unions had proposed to CaixaBank early retirement from 49 years of age, something that the entity considers unaffordable due to its high cost, some 4,000 million euros added the requests of the employee representatives.


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