CaixaBank improves ERE conditions and increases the quota of 52-year-old employees leaving to 60%

CaixaBank has improved the conditions offered to unions within the Employment Regulation File (ERE) raised by the banking group, as union sources have explained to this newspaper.

The bank has reiterated its intention to relocate 500 people to subsidiaries (retaining seniority) to reduce those affected by the collective dismissal to 7,791 employees, compared to the 8,291 that it initially proposed, a proposal that will be detailed in future meetings. But as a novelty, it has increased from 50% to 60% the quota for those over 52 years of age.

Initially, the bank proposed that half of the exits be over 50 years old. CaixaBank sources have indicated that this limit has been established as a necessary measure to preserve the generational balance and prevent all exits from being concentrated in the same age group.

The unions as a whole consider it necessary for this adjustment to be voluntary and with early retirement. They maintain that the offer made by the bank today was “so insignificant that we can only qualify as an insult to the staff.”

The unions also ensure that the bank has proposed reductions in all labor agreements: Store, InTouch, classification of offices, professional careers, consolidation of the position / level at 48 months, etc.

In this way, staff representatives maintain concentrations. Next morning Thursday.

Economic conditions

The entity has also offered a slight increase in compensation for contract terminations depending on the different age groups. Thus, employees aged 63 years or more would receive, in case of joining the ERE, an indemnity of 20 days per year worked, with a ceiling of 12 monthly payments, a proposal that remains unchanged.

Group 2 would be made up of workers from 57 to 63 years old -before 58 to 63-, who would receive, if they had fifteen years of seniority, 50% of the pensionable salary and a special agreement from the Social Security up to 63 years, as explained by the unions.

Group 3 would include personnel from 55 to 56 years old -before 55-58 years old- with fifteen years of seniority, who in this case would receive a compensation of 50% of the regulatory salary with a maximum of 2.25 annuities -before two-.

The rest of the workers, those under 55, would charge 30 days per year worked – the initial proposal raised 25 – with a limit of 20 monthly payments, two more than the proposals at the beginning of the negotiation. Regarding the labor homologation of the conditions of the employees coming from Bankia, the will of the management is to agree on said convergence as of the entry into force of the labor agreement.

If remuneration improvements have to be applied, they indicate from the entity, these will be carried out progressively over a period of five years. The workers’ representation has criticized the company’s “immobile” attitude and has affirmed that the approach, which has been “negligible”, is “very far from a viable proposal.” “It is not even an approach, it is insulting,” the unions have stressed.

The next meeting will take place on May 26, although the intention is that from the following week the pace of contacts will accelerate with two weekly meetings.


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