CaixaBank finalizes a plan to equalize the conditions of the entire workforce

CaixaBank will present in the coming days to the unions a plan to equalize the working conditions of all the group’s employees after its merger with Bankia. As explained by union sources, the entity prepares a document that should serve to standardize the conditions of the workforce, currently made up of 51,200 workers, 15,800 of them from Bankia.

The objective, the unions point out, is to agree on a uniform labor framework for all employees, regardless of where they come from, to avoid divergences and discriminatory situations, reports Efe. CaixaBank’s management met this Tuesday with the union representation in Barcelona to start the formal negotiation period of the ERE presented by the bank for about 7,800 employees.

At the meeting, the necessary procedures have been carried out for the opening of this consultation period, which in principle is one month, until June 10, although it may be extended if the two parties so agree.

Pension plan

The company and unions have also approved the creation of a specific working group to address the reform of the social security system, which includes issues such as the entity’s supplementary pension plan or benefits in the event of disability or widowhood, explain sources from the bank.

CaixaBank’s management initially presented an Employment Regulation File (ERE) for 8,291 people, although it was later lowered to 7,791 and promised to relocate these 500 affected persons to subsidiary companies.


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