CaixaBank has completed the technological and operational integration of Bankia. The financial institution has ended the process this Sunday, after ensuring from Saturday at seven in the afternoon, hours ahead of schedule, the operating normality in all channels and for all customers, with special attention to those users from of Bankia that, after integration, start operating through CaixaBank’s digital banking, the entity explains in a statement.

The integration, which has made it possible to unify all the information and operations of the entity in a single platform, has been a technological challenge, in which, since 3:00 p.m. (Spanish time) on Friday, November 12, a volume has been migrated of 10.4 PetaBytes of information, which is equivalent to 45 times the capacity stored in Spotify or the weight of 1.800 million songs in high quality mp3 format. Likewise, with the technological integration, the entity now offers a single catalog of products and services.

Luis Javier Blas Agüeros, Media Director at CaixaBank, commented: “Technological integration is a crucial moment in any merger process and, in this case, we were facing one of the largest transactions in the history of the Spanish financial sector, by volume of business, the amount of data and the complexity of the technological structures. It is essential to have managed to do it quickly, minimizing the impact for customers and with full security guarantees ”.

In this operation, 2,500 million digitized documents have been transmitted, which, spread out on paper, would occupy the surface of more than 20,000 soccer fields.

Up to 29,000 transactions per second

As of today, the system will manage a volume of up to 29,000 transactions per second and a network that links more than 16,000 servers. It is about the technological infrastructure necessary to deploy the entire commercial offer and provide service to all the group’s clients: 21 million users, of which 10 million are also clients of digital channels.

The integration has also implied the unification of the technological platform with which all the employees of the CaixaBank Group work. Although the professionals from Bankia have had a CaixaBank computer team for months, after the integration they can now consult the information of their clients there, as well as carry out all the usual commercial management on this team. It involves adapting the technological equipment of more than 44,000 workstations and nearly 100,000 Smart PCs and mobile devices.

Operational normality on all channels

Customers from Bankia can check their position and carry out operations through the digital channels of CaixaBank, CaixaBankNow and imagin, from the afternoon of Saturday the 14th. Those who will carry out card purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs on Friday afternoon And on Saturday morning you can already see your balance updated, since, due to integration work, these movements were not reflected in real time. In the next few hours, the liquidation values ​​of some employment and pension plans will finally be updated, once the market prices are calculated.

Thus, for the moment, customers from Bankia receive a notice when entering their new digital banking service: “Due to the technological integration of Bankia and CaixaBank systems, the data of some products such as investment funds, investment plans are being updated. of pensions or insurance, among others. Soon, they will be shown normally “. Furthermore, the entity warns that “some products from Bankia may be shown with a zero balance, with an outdated valuation or without all the information related to the product (previous movements, details …)”.

The ATM network and merchant POS continue to function normally, as they have done throughout the integration process. The sending and receiving of money through Bizum also works without incident for all customers, as well as immediate transfers.


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