Cabify reinvents itself and reaches an agreement with Alain Afflelou to transport its audiology clients for free

Cabify has managed to reinvent its business. The Spanish mobility company has signed an agreement with Alain Afflelou to transport clients who request an appointment at the firm’s audiology centers free of charge. This is an important agreement that strengthens its division for corporate clients and that allows to exploit a new line of business.

As detailed by Cabify, the objective of this agreement between the two companies is ensure the safety of all customers on the move, especially in those groups at risk such as the elderly or disabled. However, once the vaccination programs begin and the spread of the virus ceases, Cabify plans to continue the business and will seek new alliances in other sectors.

Thus, the companies with which a similar agreement is reached in the future will be able to offer value-added services to the customer and create loyalty programs so that for a large purchase or the hiring of a service, these companies can offer the customer return home via Cabify vehicle.

For now Madrid is the city chosen to take the first step of this initiative, which will start operating in Alain Afflelou establishments in the capital that have an audiology space. In this way, anyone who resides in the capital, at a distance of up to 10 kilometers from any of its centers, will be able to benefit from this agreement.

“Corporate mobility is transforming, and we are adapting to this change, offering new services that adapt to the needs of our clients, with loyalty tools that provide added value to both the companies we work with and their users, always promoting safe and sustainable mobility ”, explains Juan Ignacio Garcés, director of Cabify Empresas in Spain, regarding the agreement reached with Alain Afflelou.

This new business goes online with business travel vouchers For which Cabify has been betting in recent times and which has registered one of the highest growth rates within the business segments offered by the firm.

Since the pandemic broke out and due to the drop in travel caused by confinement and restrictions on mobility, Cabify has already reinvented itself by boosting its business division. The firm led by Juan de Antonio has designed specific plans due to the new needs of companies to offer safe travel to both clients and workers, avoiding possible sources of contagion such as public transport.

In fact, Cabify’s business service continued to operate even during the alarm state and for this reason, in recent months it has accelerated in attracting new customers. Cabify’s objective is to position itself as the main transportation provider for companies.

The company has been growing both in its service offering and in the business and in 2019 it managed to register benefits for the first time in Spain, of 2.7 million euros.

It grows 60% in its voucher service for companies

Cabify details that in recent months one of the business lines that has been registering notable growth in its commitment to the travel voucher service aimed at business customers. It is a loyalty tool that Cabify makes available to companies that want to improve or enhance the experience of their customers and employees through free trips or discounts on Cabify. As detailed by the company, during the months of November and December, the number of companies interested in the ‘Travel Vouchers’ service has increased by more than 60%, mainly driven by the Christmas and Sales campaign.


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