Best 7 Key Considerations To Make When Finding an IT Staffing Company

IT staffing company is an extension of the HR department of a company that recruits staff on behalf of that company. Though this process is quite uncertain still the growth and downfall of the business largely depends on them. Uplers, Webential, CFT Consulting are few IT staffing companies in India. Click here to get more info for the Top it staffing companies near you.

Here are 7 key considerations to make when finding an IT staffing company-

Knowing about the IT Staffing Company

An IT staffing company can fulfil all your requirements and you can trust them for doing this. But do not rely completely on it because the application is generated by the company. For example, CRMs cannot be similar for different types of companies.

Make sure you consider that the IT staffing company has a common niche background as yours. Only then they would be able to provide you with excellent IT staff relevant to your company. A general staffing company can also provide your employees to fill the vacancies but an IT specialist knows the best deserving candidates for your company as they have years of experience in the same field and know plenty of IT people.

Team management

Often it is seen that an IT staffing company is splitting their team into one or two employees to attend more applicants. But it is not good for your company when you are looking for a high post employee to be hired by one recruiter. The agency can engage many staff for different recruiting channels and should provide staff according to your high or low needs.

Research on how they hire their staff who do the recruiting job for other companies. You can search in job forums on the internet and see their reviews and ratings there. Also, you can ask if they are proving any special or additional benefits, unlike other IT staffing companies.

How they work and whom to approach 

When you come to know the staffing structure, now it’s time to know the process of their work. It is very important to know the company in detail if it is reliable, accessible, responsible and reputed or not. Now you must want to know who to approach. If you need an urgent developer, you contact the staffing company and they convey your need to recruiters. In this case, you do not know whom to discuss queries with. This wastes time and effort.

Here comes the need for a Single Point Of contact or SPOC, to whom you can directly discuss your requirements, queries and complaints. They will understand you thoroughly and fulfil it. As a result, a healthy relationship is also built. Then they draft a proposal after understanding your requirements. If they don’t, it will not match your expectations. So considering that the company drafted exactly your needs in their proposal.

The selection process of applicants 

A human resource department of an IT company can also select candidates for their jobs. But the manpower required is huge and also very time-consuming. A huge workload falls on the HR persons. Which costs a lot. For a single company, to bear this expense is similar to loss. So they involve IT staffing agencies to distribute the burden of screening from so many candidates. Since they work for many companies, it is budget-friendly for them to work the same process on behalf of your company.

But you cannot completely leave your duty. Consider coming points if they are followed or not. Like- the testing process of initial screening; the personality, skill, knowledge, experience, culture etc. Backgrounds are properly checked or not; if they can properly make the candidates understand about their work or not.

Partnership and Protection of your company

Find if your IT staffing company is up with the latest laws, trends and practices, before partnering with it. Also, find if it is ISF( Indian Staffing Federation ) associated then it will allow code of conduct to candidates. IT staffing companies with other companies make tech partnerships. Through this partnership, you can see they are investing and offering more than any other general staffing company in the country.

Before you tie up with an top IT staffing companies near you, recheck and review the policies of employment. Also, check your company’s intricacies and policies of IT staffing. So that you can avoid any penalties and be secured against liabilities. If there is any need to change in policies then do it before hiring permanent or temporary staff.

Payment distribution method 

Working with efficient and responsible staff, one main thing must be followed which is paid the salary of the staff by time. This is a thumb rule to clear monthly salary within due time. Delaying in paying salary can have a negative impact on the employees. Often the IT staffing company involves a subcontractor to distribute the salary. In that case, they do the job within five days. They are bound to the IT staffing company in non-solicitation terms of an agreement under which they pay temporary and permanent staff.

Stability of IT staffing company

You must study the financial stability of the IT staffing company. As they are the persons who pay the staff’s salary most of the time. So just know their rules and regulations before.

An ideal IT staffing company can handle the worst-case scenario of economic depression or recession of your company. If a government audit takes place and asks for records from many years back, the IT staffing company partner will keep the record to show them. You also have to check the balance sheets and statements of profit and loss. If they deny to show it clearly then you should not partner with them due to lack of transparency. Rather go with them who are ready to provide all details crystal clear to build up a proper healthy relationship with your company.

So you must consider all these main points before working with an IT staffing company as they promote your brand and good image. Study about their working pattern and success rate of providing good employees to grow your business. Read more to get more info for the Top it staffing companies near you.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.





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