Antonio Béjar, who was BBVA’s Chief Risk Officer, has declared this Friday before the judge who instructs the ‘Villarejo case’ that the former president of the Francisco Gónzález bank gave the order that promoters be investigated real estate companies at the time of the crisis due to the suspicion that
property, and that he received the instruction from González himself to contract that service with whoever said the then head of Security, Julio Corrochano.

In his statement, Béjar would not have gone out of the script marked in previous appearances, and has maintained that although González’s direct order was to contract with Whoever said Corrochano, the former president did not speak of Cenyt, a company of the retired commissioner and in preventive prison José Manuel Villarejo.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6, Manuel García Castellón, investigates in this separate piece 9 the orders he made BBVA to the Villarejo company. The relationship would have lasted for 13 years with a turnover of about 10 million euros. Since the piece was opened in December 2018, the examining magistrate has charged more than a dozen people, including Villarejo himself and to BBVA as a legal entity, in addition to former senior officials Of the entity. Also on the list of investigated Julio Corrochano, former police officer and former head of bank security who would have acted as an interlocutor for the development of contracts.

In his statement today, Béjar has denied that any illegality in the contract with Cenyt to investigate certain promoters. And he explained that since the order to investigate those companies came Francisco González himself, this resulted in the contract with the supplier did not follow ordinary channels of control.

That is, since the order was from the president, they were not followed the usual internal contracting protocols. This, according to other sources, is part of a type of extraordinary payment that is used when the one who gives the order has enough power for it, and that was the case of González.

According to various sources present in the statement, Béjar has also indicated that the Chief of Staff of the Presidency Joaquín Gortari requested that detectives study the owners of a farm in El Escorial in which Francisco González was interested. And that the cost of that investigation, also carried out by Cenyt, would have been assumed by the González and not the bank.

On the other hand, Béjar has affirmed that once contracted the service research, he received the reports in which Cenyt gave an account of inquiries about hidden assets of delinquent companies, and Since he was in asset recovery, he evaluated and decided if the The information was useful for taking legal action.

He also explained that he had a couple of meetings with the partner de Villarejo, Rafael Redondo, and that he told him that the president Cenyt was a former police officer, so he imagined that he was in the same situation as Corrochano.


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