BBVA expands the 'friend plan' and will pay up to 500 euros to users who attract new customers

BBVA has expanded the ‘Invite a friend’ plan in Spain and will now give up to 500 euros to users who attract new customers who direct their payroll with the bank.

Specifically, if a BBVA user invites another to become a customer of the ‘Va Contigo Payroll Account’ and direct a payroll equal to or greater than 800 euros, they will receive a bonus of 50 euros.

Each BBVA customer can invite a maximum of 10 friends or family members, so the amount they can earn with this program is a maximum of 500 euros. For their part, the new invited customer will receive 100 gross euros when using their card.

The promotion ‘Invite a friend: Payroll’ will be active until July 31, 2021.

Last February, BBVA launched the ‘Invite a friend’ plan with the ‘First purchase’ promotion, for which it rewards customers with five euros for each new user who signs up on their recommendation, a year that these new “sponsored” customers are rewarded with 15 euros.

This promotion, active until June 30, 2021, does not require direct debit of a payroll, but rather to become a customer of the ‘Online Account Without Commissions’ and make a purchase.

BBVA will inform soon of a third promotion to invite friends for which it will award 15 euros.


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