BBVA begins today the period for 2,935 employees to sign up for the ERE

BBVA plans to finalize its adjustment plan on March 31, 2022, according to the document signed on Tuesday with the unions for the departure of 2,935 employees, a number that is reduced to 2,725 if 210 agreed paid leave is taken into account and that can be reinstated to the bank in the next five years.

As stated in the document, the bank will be responsible for determining the specific date of the work split of each of the people affected by the collective dismissal, as well as determining the date of application of the internal relocation measures of 657 workers. , as well as those affected by geographic mobility. The first departments to undergo the adjustments will be: central services in Spain, from where the ERE will affect 254 employees; intermediate structures, with 154 exits, and the corporate center, with 350 layoffs. In these three cases, the departures will end on July 31.

Regarding the branch network, the bulk of the adjustment, with 2,177 exits, the first window will take place on July 18, and later in the months of September, October and November, depending on the offices that are closed in those dates. Although, for organizational reasons, the bank explains that some people could leave after these dates.

The entity points out that the first cause of departures will be voluntariness. The starting gun to join the ERE begins today, June 10.

By age group, the bank estimates 206 workers over 63 years of age who will leave the bank; while from 55 years of age to 62 years, with more than 10 years of experience in the bank, the number rises to 1,254 people. Regarding employees between the ages of 53 and 54, BBVA calculates exits at 405 workers. The figure is reduced to 239 people if one takes into account the employees who can leave with ages between 50 and 52 and also with more than 10 years of seniority.

Regarding the offices that will be closed, the territorial address most affected is that of Catalonia, with 183 closures, leaving the network in 395 branches, still the largest in Spain (in 2014 it acquired Catalunya Bank and before, in 2012, Unnim ). It is followed by the number of closings by the central territorial management, which with 91 closings, will operate with 290 branches.

In the south it will close 69 offices, to operate with 306. In the northwest area it will close 55 offices, to operate with 275. In the north it will add 217 branches, after closing 38.

In the territorial, this will do without 32 agencies, to operate with 287. In the Canary Islands it will close 12 branches, to have 100. BBVA will thus have 1,870 branches in Spain.


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