CaixaBank has completed the data migration phase of Bankia’s systems this Saturday hours ahead of schedule, so that the digital banking service for customers from the latter entity is now fully available.

The financial entity planned to open the digital operation to customers from Bankia between the night of Saturday 13 and Sunday 14, but the good progress of the technological integration process has made it possible to advance the restoration of the service, the bank explains in a statement.

In this way, customers from Bankia can now check their balance and carry out operations through CaixaBankNow and Imagin. Bankia’s digital channels are automatically redirected to those of CaixaBank.

Likewise, the service for sending and receiving money through Bizum and immediate transfers originating or destined for Bankia customers has been reestablished, which has been interrupted for a few hours due to technological integration.

The ATM network and the merchant sales terminals continue to function normally. Bankia customers who have withdrawn cash or made purchases with a card in the last hours can already see them reflected when they check their balance and their movements through the ATM and digital channels.

The technological integration work will continue for the next few hours. As a result of this union, the entire sales network began to offer the same catalog of products and services, and to work with the same technological platform.


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