Many of those who have a device Manzana, such as iPads or iPhones, end up having a subscription to the official app store of the Cupertino company. The truth is that this is usually beneficial because superior functionalities are achieved and, in addition, the firm carried out a control of everything that happened. Well, this last has changed and, possibly, you will not like it at all.

What will change according to has communicated is that, depending on the change that occurs, when there is a change in the price of the subscriptionsomething that usually happens from time to time unfortunately, will not work as to date: the user for any modification on the automatic renewalthe user himself had to manually confirm that he agreed with it.

And what will happen from now on? Well, this will not be the case if some conditions are met and, therefore, the renewal will proceed without the user having to do anything at all. This improves comfort, no doubt, but it also has a lost of control about the expenses you have. Consequently, there are sure to be mixed feelings about the Apple’s decision. Of course, the key to everything is in the conditions that the firm directed by Tim Cook has defined.

These are the renewal conditions

Well, the North American company has decided that if not to exceed $50 or 50% of the annual subscription price -in the case of the cheapest options, the change must be a maximum of five dollars and also half the cost of the service-. If this does not occur more than once a year, the service will be renewed from the App Store without the user having to intervene at all.


It is true that communication with the user will be maintained to indicate that there is a change in the subscription rate, either by mail or notification. But the truth is that the possibility of being oneself is lost the one that decides if the change is acceptable and there is no problem with maintaining the subscription. And, perhaps, this is not something that fits many of those who have access to the paid versions of some services.

Is Apple right?

The truth is that taking into account the positive that is achieved with this (not losing the operation of a service for forgetting not to renew a rate change) and, the negative, where are the remaining control options for users… it is difficult to say. Possibly, the second has more weight, since the firm does not know what each person can afford spend on a regular basis and, in this way, someone can be in an unwanted problem. Be that as it may, Apple has taken the step of making this change, it is already known how inflexible it usually is when making a decision of this type.

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