Apple prepares news on the screen of the iPad, what is it about?

For a long time there has been speculation about a major change in the screen of tablets iPad. To date this has been delayed and there was no clear idea of ​​when it could be produced, something that has changed due to the fact that there are new data in this regard and they are most interesting if you have in mind to renew the model you have.

The known data indicate that Apple would have already given the corresponding orders necessary to proceed with the change together with the supplier BOE Technology from China. The objective is that the iPad models that arrive in the year 2024 be the first to include the expected change on the screen and, therefore, offer a novelty that will surely attract the attention of potential buyers.

What is the change that is being prepared in the iPad

What is being prepared is to change the current panels that integrate Apple tablets by components OLED. This means a significant advance in what has to do with the image quality that is offered and, thus, it could compete much better with the important rivals that companies such as Samsung and Lenovo put on the market. One of the things to note is that it is indicated that the technology used is called 8.5 -which is cheaper than that offered by other suppliers such as LG, which would be to the liking of the Cupertino company-, which means that the energy consumption to work is very small. And this is also very positive.


By the way, the iPads that will benefit from these new panels would be pros first, which are intended for a more professional market and, by extension, more expensive. Subsequently, it will be deployed little by little in the entire range of tablets that Apple has on the market, which are not few.

This could also affect MacBooks

The reason for saying this is that, as indicated in the source of the information, Apple would like to hit the market by adding OLED panels to the most powerful ranges of its laptops (the macbook pro). Thus, the devices with this type of panel will be significantly expanded and, therefore, it is quite clear that the firm’s commitment is to go for this change and, from what it seems, sooner than expected (at first it was I thought this would happen in 2025).

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