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In order to improve care for early care users who perform physiotherapy, Apadis has acquired, thanks to a collaboration with the Ballenoil company, a treadmill with a suspension and weight-bearing system that will improve the rehabilitation possibilities of the patients. boys and girls with mobility problems.

According to the scientific evidence, there are many advantages to using this type of “treadmill gait training with shock support” therapies. It is highly recommended, because it improves balance, strength, joint range of motion, the reduction of secondary alterations linked to the pathology (contractures, dislocations), an earlier acquisition of gait, and the general motor function of the population. who goes to early care.

The acquisition of this new standing system is possible thanks to the establishment of an alliance between Apadis and Ballenoil. The company is committed to a variety of causes, including intellectual disability.

In this area, the alliance with Apadis has enabled Ballenoil to seek interactions with high shared value. The new equipment was acquired thanks to the donation of a percentage of the refueling carried out in the more than 145 service stations that Ballenoil has throughout Spain, within the social action campaign of the independent fuel operator. The action was framed within the social plan drawn up by the company to help the most vulnerable people.


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