Anfac ratifies De los Mozos as president for another year

The Director of Manufacturing and Logistics of the Renault group and President of Renault Spain, José Vicente de los Mozos, will continue as president of the Spanish Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Trucks (Anfac) in 2021, as ratified this Thursday by the management board of the employer.

De los Mozos took over the management of the employer in January 2018 and his term should have ended at the beginning of this year, but the association decided to bet on its continuity to contribute stability at a time when the automotive industry is facing the greatest transformation in its entire history in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The extension of his position is made with the purpose of continuing to work on the recovery of the demand and production, strongly affected by the effects of the pandemic suffered in 2020, and in facing the challenges posed by the introduction of a new tax system, emission reduction regulations, new mobility policies, in addition to the industrial reconversion of the Spanish factories, they suppose for the sector in the next year “, has explained Anfac.

For his part, De los Mozos himself has indicated that despite the health and economic uncertainty generated by Covid-19, the car should not stray from its commitment to achieve zero-emission mobility over the next two decades.

In addition, the manager has among his main challenges to lead the Anfac plan Automotive 2020-40. Leading sustainable mobility. According to the association, the starting point of this strategic plan would be to unify the messages of all the sectors and agents involved, while until 2025 it should continue to attract investments and achieve the adaptation of the productive mix to the demand for 2030.

From Anfac they defend that the new mobility must be “intelligent, accessible and affordable” and, in their opinion, the sector and the Government must work together in the design of a strategic framework through which the new mobility is developed in the country and with which the decarbonisation objectives of the car fleet set by Europe are met.

According to calculations by KPMG, which has collaborated in the preparation of the plan, the direct, indirect and induced effects on the Spanish economy of this new ecosystem will mean an additional increase of between 7% and 12% of GDP. In addition, the turnover of the automotive industry in Spain would increase to 310,000 million euros in 2040, compared to 210,000 million today. It would also create up to 1.5 million jobs throughout the value chain and tax collection would be between 13,800 and 24,500 million euros.

New image

In line with the needs that the transformation of the automotive sector will require, the general assembly has approved the renewal of the association’s corporate image “to give rise to a new Anfac that will become the leading voice and leader of the new mobility”.

“Mobility is not only going to be represented by the automotive industry, it is a greater concept for which we need a greater commitment. The mobility of the future must be connected, autonomous, shared and electrified, capable of responding to all social demands and The car is, and will continue to be, the central axis of this new mobility, but we no longer only respond as car manufacturers, now we are also the benchmark for the mobility of the future “, stressed De los Mozos.

On the other hand, Anfac has announced that Ford Trucks, a manufacturer of trucks and engines, will join the association on January 1. The employer will thus add 52 brands “Our incorporation to Anfac is a decision that we had in mind since we started our activity in the Spanish market, but that circumstances forced us to postpone,” said the CEO of the company in Spain, José Luis Quero.


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