Amul Lassi

Amul Lassi is a milk-based drink product of Amul. It is refreshing milk based natural drink. Amul Lassi is a delicious drink that is easy to use and immediately refreshes you with natural goodness.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi

The summer season is here, and Lassi is a fresh and cold drink that is enjoyed by many people all over India. Like lassi, buttermilk helps to improve the immune system by replenishing the natural intestinal bacterial flora but also breaking down lactose into lactic acid to promote digestion.

Lassi, it comes with calcium, vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is essential for the transformation of blood glucose. A person may feel weak or constipated and insomnia due to a lack of vitamin B12. The daily use of buttermilk in your diet will help reduce vitamin B12 deficiency.

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