Ametic sees it necessary to supervise the management of European funds to achieve a successful digitization

The president of the technological employer Ametic, Pedro Mier, applauded on Tuesday the government’s decision to allocate a third of the European reconstruction funds to digitization plans. “It is a wise decision, it is a lot of money and the action objectives they have defined are also going in the right direction, but the key to their success will not be so much money and objectives, but execution,” he said.

Mier warned that the Digital Spain 2025 plan may fail if the government’s management of this budget item is not audited from the outside through an office or independent group of experts. “It is essential that this be so to be successful, if not, it will be a failure,” he remarked during a press conference.

The president of Ametic acknowledged that the Executive already has management entities such as the CDTI, or ENISA, which are already well run, but he sees the need for the creation of a light group of experts, “not another large public structure” , which ensures that the funds are focused and that the projects are coordinated in a few lines of action, because it is what will allow us to achieve the driving effect that is being pursued. ”

According to Mier, public-private collaboration is required and that projects are developed with a business approach to ensure that everyone is aligned and that leverage effect is achieved. The employers believe that there is still time to achieve it. “If the thing is left only in some advisory councils that meet every six months to say if the execution likes it or not, clearly it is not enough. There has to be an effective business participation and, in fact, the heads of some ministries do so. They are considering”.

Regarding the Google rate, the CEO of Ametic, Francisco Hortiguela, insisted that it is necessary that all the regulations be better defined and that companies be given time to change their entire internal structure to make those payments. “We are not asking that it not be paid from April 1, but that the payment be postponed.”

During the press conference, Mier took stock of 2020 and his plans for this year. The president of the technological employers’ association highlighted as positive that the Government has responded to the three important requests that it made during the past year: promote tractor macro-projects within the Digital Spain Plan 2025; a digital skills training plan, which the Council of Ministers approved two weeks ago, and increased investment in R + D + i.

On this point, he applauded that the Government of Pedro Sánchez no longer speaks of gradually reaching 2% of GDP, as did the Executive of Rajoy, but has established in the National Plan for Science and Innovation the objective of “reaching the average Europe “, which is currently 2.5% of GDP,” which means multiplying by two what is allocated today. ” “In any case,” he added, “we must not forget that these are dynamic figures and that there are countries, such as Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, Finland or Israel, that are already above 4%.”

Ametic, which incorporated 44 new partners last year, including technology partners such as Indra, SAP, LG or Philips, but also others from the financial sector such as Santander, BBVA and MasterCard, and from the education sector such as IE Business School and ISDI, ended the year with 247 new associates representing more than 15,000 companies. Last January it also added another 12 new partners.

The objectives that the employer’s association has set for this year, according to Mier, are five: strengthen the Spanish digital industry, optimize the impact of European funds in said industry, continue incorporating more companies into the association, increase its territorial presence by relying on the poles innovation and promote the growth of medium-sized companies, “something very important if we want Spain to have a powerful and internationalized industrial fabric”.


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