Amber Capital breaks into Indra’s capital. The British firm, owned by investor Joseph Oughourlian, has acquired 4.18% of the technology company, according to what he has informed the CNMV today. The investment fund, the main shareholder of PRISA, publisher of CincoDías, has bought a total of 7.38 million shares, which represents an investment of 75.69 million euros at a price of 10.21 euros at which this Thursday.

The movement takes place a week before the shareholders’ meeting of the company chaired by Marc Murtra, where important changes are expected in its council, After passing the SEPI, 25% of the defense and information technology companyand acquire Sapa Placencia 5% to Corporación Financiera Alba last December.

Oughourlian arrives at the capital of the technology company at a crucial moment for Indra’s future, since SEPI’s objective is turn the technology company into a pole that consolidates the Spanish defense sector, especially after the war in Ukraine and given the foreseeable rise in the budget in this field. In this context, Oughourlian joins Sapa as a new shareholder of a company that the Government considers “strategic for the country.”

After the landing of both, SEPI controls 25.2% of Indra; Fidelity Management Research, 9.8%; SAPA, 5%; Amber, 4.18%; Norges Bank, 3.6%; T. Rowe Price, 3.1%, and Fidelity International Limited, 1.9%. That is, Oughourlian becomes the company’s fourth largest shareholder.

Parallel to the movement of Amber Capital, Goldman Sachs has surfaced rights for 5.268% of Indra’s capital, in addition to directly controlling 0.23%. The financial entity has a purchase option for 3.5 million shares, equivalent to 2% of Indra, in July 2023, as well as a sale option for the same amount and date. Additionally, it has 16 swapswhich could be exchanged for shares, which add up to 1.2% of the capital.

The March holding company, which controlled 8.21% of Indra at the end of last year, completed its divestment in the company this year, after selling the remaining 3.21% to SEPI this month. Corporación Finaciera Alba decided to sell its stake after the Government forced the departure of Fernando Abril-Martorell as president of Indra.

In technology, the appointment of a third proprietary director of SEPI is pending, who received the green light from the Government last February to reach up to 28% of the technology company, Y a member requested by the Basque company Sapa Plasencia, which also entered last year in the capital of the manufacturer of aerial components ITP Aero, in which it took 6% together with the business bank BP Capital. both appointments They will be submitted for approval by Indra’s shareholders’ meeting on the 23rd.

Last Wednesday, the SEPI council approved proposing the former socialist deputy Juan Moscoso del Prado as his third advisor in Indra. The public entity currently has two proprietary directors in Indra: the former Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Miguel Sebastián, and the former PSOE deputy Antonio Cuevas. The Government has already indicated that its intention is to provide Indra with “shareholder stability” in a context such as the current one, where defense spending is skyrocketing throughout Europe, after the war in Ukraine.

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