Amazon launches its first home robot with video surveillance functions and much more

Amazon today unveiled its first home robot. His name is Astro and he is able to watch over a house while walking through it like a small dog. The three-wheeled automaton is equipped with a smart screen, telescopic camera, and uses the company’s Alexa smart assistant.

The technology giant has explained that Astro knows how to interpret orders such as going to a specific room in the house and delivering an object to a specific person (something that is achieved through facial recognition). The robot can carry up to two kilos of weight in its cargo area.

The screen of the automaton is fundamental as in any intelligent device of the Amazon Echo line, because through it the robot allows the inhabitants of the house to see notifications, video or audio content, and make video calls. A task the latter, together with that of monitoring the home, for which its periscope camera is also vital.

Astro cannot go up or down stairs, but it can detect them so as not to fall. It is not clean either, but it has not been designed for that purpose. Amazon has insisted that its first domestic robot is much more than an “Alexa on wheels” and that it has its own functions.

For example, you can notify the owner’s mobile of any problem you detect in the house (a broken glass or an alarm that goes off) while you patrol the different rooms. And it can, according to the company, be a good helper in the care of the elderly, to whom it can lend a hand to establish routines thanks to the Alexa Together service.

The robot, which maps the house to later function autonomously, has sensors to detect and avoid obstacles. Astro can also be programmed so that it does not access certain areas and deactivate the cameras and microphones when the user wishes, as with any device in the Echo family, for privacy reasons.

The team will hit the market in limited quantities and only in the US before the end of the year, and with a promotional price of $ 999 (about 855 euros). Its price will then be $ 1,499.

In addition to the Astro, Amazon has introduced the 15.6-inch 1080p HP Echo Show 15, which can be hung on the wall. Its price is 250 dollars. A conducive device to view content on streaming from Amazon Prime Video or any other platform, but also to receive the video signal from a security camera at the door of the home or to consume other types of content.

The tech giant also showed off a device, similar to a periscope, called Amazon Glow, that unites video conferencing with projector functions. Its price is $ 300. As explained by the company, it is designed with the little ones in mind, so that when they get bored during a video call with friends or family, they can project video games or other entertainment from the device itself with which to play with their interlocutors.

Among the rest of Amazon’s announcements this Tuesday are a smart thermostat priced at $ 60 and a device with its voice assistant designed to be used in the hotels of the DisneyWorld and Disneyland amusement parks and that customers interact with the Disney Characters.


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