Amazon and other technology companies doomed to split if a law in the US Congress succeeds

The legislators of the House of Representatives of the United States finalize a legislative body supported by the Republican party and by the Democratic party that could ultimately demand Amazon. and other tech giants effectively split into two companies or ditch parts of their parallel businesses, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources close to the talks.

The bill, which the newspaper said could be announced this time, could require the structural separation of Amazon and other tech giants that Congress spent 15 months scrutinizing and researching as part of an investigation into the size and power of big tech.

A draft of the bill of structural separation revised by the newspaper and called “Law of termination of the monopolies of the platform”, says: “It will be illegal for an operator to own or control a line of business, other than the platform itself, when ownership and control of the business line lead to an irreconcilable conflict of interest. ” That language could change in the final draft of the bill.

The proposed legislation would have to pass the Democratic-controlled House as well as the Senate, where it would likely also need substantial Republican support. While Republicans are concerned about the power of tech companies, many are skeptical about changing antitrust laws.


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