Airlines ask Boris Johnson for green light to resume overseas flights

The managers of several airlines that operate in the UK – including British Airways (BA), easyJet and Ryanair – have asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that next month give the green light to international travel to boost the economy of the United Kingdom.

The newspaper “The Sun” reports this Sunday that representatives de BA, easyJet,, Loganair, Ryanair, TUI y Virgin Atlantic han sent a letter to Johnson requesting the prompt return of the flights abroad, as it is currently illegal for the British go on holiday outside the UK.

“There can be no economic recovery without aviation and we feel confident that we have the tools to enable a safe start and reliable to begin air travel in May, “wrote the representatives of those airlines.

“We believe that vaccinated passengers should not be subject to travel restrictions and that (covid-19) testing can also reduce barriers to travel, “they added.

The Executive has not made a decision on flights abroad, but he has made it clear that it will not be before May 17.

According to the media, these trips will be subject to a system of “semaphores”, whereby each country will be listed in red, yellow or green, by virtue of the risk of contagions and the status of vaccinations in those destinations.

People traveling to countries in “green” will not have to do quarantine upon return to the UK, but yes for a territory in “yellow”, while those who have been to a destination in “Red” must serve a ten-day isolation period in hotels
designated by the Government.


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