Air Europa undertakes negotiations to promote a new ERTE

Air Europa has begun negotiations this Monday with its union representation to promote a new temporary employment regulation file (ERTE), in this case for economic, technical, organizational or production reasons (ETOP), which would last until December 2022.

As detailed by the airline cabin crew union (Sitcpla), the new ERTE, which would replace the current one due to force majeure and expires at the end of the month, would affect all work centers of the companywhich, in parallel, is negotiating a possible merger with Iberia.

Although the company has requested the Labor Authority to continue applying an ERTE of force majeure until June, this request has been provisionally suspended by the aforementioned authority in order to better assess the situation at the end of this month.

For this reason -as sources close to the negotiation have explained to Efe-, in a precautionary manner and as a preventive measure, the company has initiated the mandatory negotiation process with the unions of an ERTE ETOP until December 2022.

If the Labor Authority finally authorizes the force majeure request or a similar protection mechanism is implemented, as part of the tourism sector is claiming, Air Europa would withdraw from the ERTE ETOP.

Negotiations begin in the sector

These days the start of negotiations within tourism companies is multiplying, especially in the field of travel agencies, before the next expiration -within 15 days- of the ERTES due to force majeure that were promoted to treat to deal with the business effects of the pandemic.

Thus, companies such as Viajes El Corte Inglés (VECI), Nautalia, Ávoris or Travelsens face an intense week of negotiations for new ERTES with their union representatives.

This Tuesday, Tuesday, the third meeting of the negotiating committee will be held at Viajes El Corte Inglés, which, in addition to a one-year ERTE of a maximum of 60% for those in the vacation area and corporate travel, as well as up to 40% for central services, has raised a collective dismissal for 620 employees of the corporate area.

The company’s proposal establishes that the technology area teams will not be affected by the measures proposed for the entire El Corte Inglés travel subsidiary, which has nearly 4,600 employees and is in the process of merging with Logitravel.

Also tomorrow, the negotiating commission of Nautalia, of the Wamos group, is meeting, which is pending SEPI’s approval of the aid of 75 million euros requested from the Solvency Aid Fund for Strategic Companies, which has proposed an ERTE for reasons economic and productive one year (between March and February 2023) for 331 workers.

Ávoris Corporación Empresarial, resulting from the merger of the travel divisions of Barceló and Globalia, which received 320 million euros from the aforementioned SEPI fund, has proposed a four-month ERTE ETOP (until June 30) for its 1,740 workers.

The next meeting of the negotiating table will be held on Wednesday, February 16, like the one that was established in Travelsens, which has presented an ERTE.

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