Adolfo Domínguez agrees an ERE to 259 people with early retirement and voluntary leave

The fashion company Adolfo Domínguez has closed with all the unions that make up the representation of the workforce the terms of its Employment Regulation File. The final impact of the adjustment will be 259 people, somewhat lower than the initial figure of 300 raised at the beginning of the process. Even so, the impact is equivalent to 32% of the workers that the firm had on February 28, 2021, the end of its last fiscal year.

The agreement made public today by the company includes 55 early retirements. In addition, it has opened a voluntary adhesion to the process for workers under 58 years of age to cover the rest of the process, after acceptance by the company. In this case, the proposed compensation is 30 days per year worked with a maximum of 18 monthly payments. If they are not covered by volunteers, forced dismissals will also be made with the same compensation, although those who have been older than 25 years will receive a premium of 3,000 euros.

The workforce reduction will be applied to 65 positions in the firm’s central services in Ourense. The other 139 will be distributed through its network of stores, which the company plans to maintain in the 174 that it now has in Spain.

Adolfo Domínguez closed fiscal year 2020 with a net loss of 19 million, after suffering a decline of 42.6% in sales to 66 million euros, which also caused a positive ebitda of more than 11 million in 2019 to a negative of 6.8.


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