A story for the little ones to learn to take care of the planet

During a trip to the beach, as part of a school activity to learn about marine ecosystems, Lola and her classmates find a turtle on the shore that can hardly move. The professor alerts the veterinarians of the Marine Animal Recovery Agency, who collect what turns out to be a loggerhead turtle specimen for examination and recovery at your clinic. It is the beginning of a new adventure for Lola, the little protagonist of CaixaBank’s educational stories.

CaixaBank presents its new educational book under the title Lola and the turtle, after the success of the first publication, Lola’s bike, focused on financial education, of which more than 40,000 printed copies and more than 5,000 in digital format have been distributed. The financial institution has now published a new story for children focused this time on sustainability, one of the bank’s strategic axes.

Lola and her classmates discover that ocean plastics are to blame for many marine animals getting sick, so the entire gang mobilizes to protect the environment and the environment. The story, with texts by Noemí Fernández and illustrated by Cristina Losantos, tells a story for the little ones to reflect on the need to act in a responsible and respectful way with the environment while incorporating activities, games and global reflections to raise awareness about sustainable consumption (they will learn the rule of the 3 Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle) and become aware of the impact of our decisions on the immediate environment and on the planet.

CaixaBank has produced a first edition, in collaboration with Editorial Planeta, of 9,000 printed books aimed at the children of its employees and clients to deepen the multiple activities carried out by the entity, such as workshops to accompany reading.

Cover of Lola and the turtle, a book published by CaixaBank within its financial education plan.

The publication It is part of the financial culture plan of the entity, whose objective is focused on helping citizens to make more conscious and better decisions in financial terms. For this, the bank has a hub, located within the entity’s global financial culture portal, called CaixaBank Life, which brings together all the content developed in the area of ​​financial culture to bring basic economic concepts to all audiences. And from this portal, the new CaixaBank educational book can be downloaded digitally and free of charge.

Accessible audiobook

In addition, the fruit of an agreement with ONCE, This story has been edited in an accessible audiobook format for the visually impaired. The work is available through the ONCE Bibliographic Service, available to children with visual disabilities who are members of the organization.

At the initiative of this service provided by the ONCE, new titles aimed at children are adapted each year. Currently, the Bibliographic Service has 3,518 works in braille format and 1,929 in sound format (audiobook) aimed at these young readers.

CaixaBank is one of the financial institutions most committed to sustainability. The entity supports, through its activity, initiatives and projects that respect the environment that contribute to preventing and mitigating climate change, promoting the transition towards a low-carbon economy and social development. The bank has environmental management integrated into its business activity.

The fate of the planet is in the hands of children, That is why it is important that they learn to rationalize resources and contribute their bit in the fight for the conservation of the environment. Lola and her companions will help to arouse her interest.


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