For many advertisers, social media is an important pillar of their marketing strategy. A new analysis provides information about which content performs best on the different platforms.

The social media management company Agorapulse examined over 200,000 posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that were uploaded by business accounts. Just in time for the end of the year Advertiser incorporate the results into your future social strategy. Because the analysis provides information about when you should post, on which platform you do the most Engagement can expect and what type of content works best on the various social media.

Instagram brings the most engagement

A key learning from the analysis is that the Instagram meta platform attracts companies with a higher interaction rate than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

© Agorapulse

The most promising are the so-called carousel posts. According to the analysis, these bring more interactions than individual photos or videos. The study does not take into account the Engagement Rate Reels.

The study also shows that photos are still predominantly posted on Instagram via business accounts. A full 75 percent of the uploaded content is photos (excluding carousel posts).

When is the best time to post with your business account?

Many companies wonder when they can best reach their target audience. The analysis now provides information about this. Agorapulse writes:

The curves from Facebook and Instagram in particular show that the mornings and afternoons are particularly popular for publications. In general, more posts appear to go online during office hours. Interesting!

As a key learning feature, the company informs readers that in Germany the most posts are posted in the late afternoon. This time seems to have proven to be a good posting slot for many businesses. However, uploading content in the afternoon doesn’t mean the posts will be successful.

Most posting is in the late afternoon, © Agorapulse
© Agorapulse

It is more promising to drop a post on the weekend. Very few companies upload content here, which may lead to an increase in the engagement rate.

On the couch and no appointments. Most of them can switch off at the weekend – and that with their mobile phone, preferably on Instagram. Because the data shows us that this is where the difference is greatest

it says in the investigation of this result.

LinkedIn: This type of post makes up over 90 percent of the content on the business platform

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important for marketers to Personal Branding to operate, Marketing– Implement measures and find new employees. The type of content uploaded is as monotonous as the options for business accounts are varied. The analysis shows that 90 percent of the posts on LinkedIn consist of text and a Link to an external party. Videos and photos do not even make up ten percent of the content. According to the study, a link in the post is not helpful to increase the performance of the content.

  © Agorapulse
© Agorapulse


The study includes posts from business accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The respective networks are represented to different degrees. Given the large number of actually published articles on the analyzed Networks, the comparatively small number of 220,000 is to be seen as a sample, not as a general data set. You can find even more insights from the study at Agorapulse.

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